Re: Hey Laszlo! Roof Rack

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 3, 2006

Hey Sherry,

It's a Trac Rac T-Rac for compact trucks. Since I bought mine nearly 5 years ago they've come out with a T-Rac Pro (which as far as I can tell only adds tie down cleats). There's also accessories like a kayak holder, which I've not seen. When I bought mine it was in the high $300's, probably a bit higher now. I bought it locally from a dealer whose exact name I can't recall who doesn't do shipping.

I've put in a link to the manufacturer so you can get the part numbers and accessories. The dealer locator link doesn't work, but Google shows up any number of dealers. I got just the basic T-Rac (overhead racks & 4 sliding crossbar tiedowns), no other options, and it's worked very well for me.

I guess this means that we won't be seeing pictures of the monster boat on top of the toy car? Too bad, I was looking forward to it :-). But it also sounds as if you're close to putting it in the water, so that's got to be exciting.

Anyway good luck to you & your husband (Ken, right?) and enjoy your new boat.



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