Cockpit on S&G

Posted by Dave houser on Oct 3, 2006

I like a keyhole cockpit to do a butt first entry and more importantly a foot first exit in the beach wash. The size of the opening can be anything you want within reason as there is no standard. I have long legs so I make mine 33x16 inches. I locate my back 4 inches from the back coaming to allow me to stretch and roll. I use SnapDragon neoprene spray skirts which come in many sizes (coaming and tube) and stretch quite well. With the shown woodworkers method of drawing curves it is easy enough to make smooth curves. The sketch shows the layout of the hole. I make the shim stack 3/4 inch high and 3/4 inch wide and the overhang is also 3/4 inch.

In Response to: Cockpit on 18' sea kayak by Scotty on Oct 2, 2006