Re: Turbos and Trailers

Posted by Robert Brainard on Oct 4, 2006

Current car - tubocharged Volvo XC70. Warnings about the turbo and about pulling a trailer (or just a heavy load in the car) concern the longer duration the turbo charger needs to work. To help out, run full synthetic oil and consider a CAT-back exhaust upgrade (CAT-back means everything behind the catalytic converter) to reduce the back pressure on the turbo.

I currently pull the Chester Yawl with the Trailex SUT-200 and really do not even notice it is there. It is so narrow, I do not even see it in my side mirrors. As for highway speeds and bearings, these bearings are really not very loaded, just keep lubricated and monitor your tire pressure and you probably will never have a problem.

My only pet peeve with the Trailex is the license plate holder. With a full size plate mounted below the tail light, the plate hangs pretty close to the road. I can just see the plastic plate holder breaking off when launching the boat or backing up near a curb.

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