TAKS California Event

Posted by Mike Hanks on Oct 5, 2006

For all of you who like GP's or other arctic paddles and kayaks, here is a heads up on a new event. Traditional Arctic Kayak Symposium on October 20 - 22, 2006 at San Simeon State Park/Hearst Memorial State Beach San Simeon, California.

From their announcement on the Qajaq USA site, TAKS (Traditional Arctic Kayak Symposium)San Simeon, will be the first 2 day symposium of it's kind in California celebrating the making of, use of, and history of, traditional Arctic kayaks, Umiaks and other related skin-on-frame, strip built, or stitch and glue vessels. Builders are welcome to bring their completed or uncompleted boats. If you don't own a traditional kayak, you are certainly welcome to participate with what you have. Enthusiasts of the Greenland paddling technique at all skill levels are invited to explore the waters of San Simeon Cove or beyond.

I'm not involved in this event, but it is a grass-roots event, just getting off the ground, that has a lot of promise. John modeled it after SSTIKS, which has become a great event that draws people from around the world.

Traditional Arctic Kayak Symposium