Re: Paint or varnish.....

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 6, 2006

OK Ken,

it's just an attitude thing then, not actual boat performance. I thought at first you had noticed some difference in paddling qualities.

I know what youu mean about the spectators. My wife & I call it the "wooden boat effect" She's heard me give the Speech so many times that last time when I was fetching the truck she gave the whole Speech herself. We even get it out on the water from passing boaters.

One time when the water was really still, we could hear people talking on a pier on the other side of the river. It was a lovely summer day, birds calling, fish jumping, etc. and the topic of conversation? - our wooden boats. One guy was telling his buddies "Now there's money going down the river". I sort of felt like calling out that it was just 4 sheets of plywood that I'd put together in my garage.

Anyway, thanks for the answer. Paint can be really nice (there was an absolutely spectacular blue paint job at Okoumefest this year), so I get what you're saying. Glad you're enjoying your boat,


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