To be or not to be...

Posted by Alan Speakman on Oct 8, 2006

Hi all,

The wife and I need a hand... We need to decide whether or not to keep "Frankenyak" as is... ("Frankenyak" is our Mill Creek 13, which I hurriedly finished knowing that she'd need it during a time of family loss. The yak gets her name from the screws in the fore deck...)

Now the loved one has passed, winter is coming, and I will have the time to sand, re-paint, replace the stainless deck screws with proper boat nails, etc.

But the problem is that if I do that, Frankenyak is gone... That little boat has carried us both thru some pretty dark times.

Neither one of us can decide if we want this rock-solid, (though cosmetically blemished) stalwart, or a new, prettier rendition of the same yak...


Alan and Suzie