Skerry Daggerboard trunk

Posted by Wilke Nelson on Oct 8, 2006

I had my maiden voyage in my new Skerry today, which went great, except for one little problem. I weigh about 200 pounds and when I sat down on the seat of the Skerry with my hindquarters over the daggerboard slot, a little water sloshed over the top. Then, as I started rowing (I was the only passenger) a little more would come up if I rowed vigorously. It was only a little bit and when I glanced down through the daggerboard slot I could see the water well below -- maybe six inches or so, the top of the slot. I built the skerry from a kit and according to the plans and I believe I did everything right...

I have three questions: 1. is a little water coming out of the top of the slot normal; 2. I have seen photos of two adults and two kids in the Skerry. Does the water coming up mean I shouldn't load my two kids in with me (they weigh about 180 collectively. I assume the extra weight in the bow and stern wouldn't cause the water to come all the way up as the weight will be distributed better. 3. Has anyone made any kind of a cover for the daggerboard slot for when they aren't using the daggerboard to keep water out?

Sorry for the length of the post.