Pics of finished double

Posted by Brett on Oct 8, 2006

Hi All. About a month ago I put up a weblink showing pics of my freshly completed double. Once again thanks to all those on this forum, including several dedicated individuals who spend an awful lot of time here answering newbee questions...i'll avoid naming them simply because i'll miss a couple which isn't fair...but thank you again. I put up two websites...firstly the original showing construction...and I have just finished putting up a new one showing my first big trip to Bowron Lakes, BC, Canada. I'm yet to fit a rudder (thats this winter project), so im starting off on lakes....the boat was great and spanked all the canoes I travelled with (not surprisingly - poor canoes were carrying half my food). For those interested in the pics, or just seeing a beautiful part of the world you can visit the new pics site

Bretts Bowron Lake Pics