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Posted by Laszlo on Oct 9, 2006


There's absolutely nothing wrong with a workboat finish. It's certainly nothing to apologize for. Boatbuilders tend to fall into 2 categories - those who enjoy the building part the most and those who enjoy the boating boating part the most.

The former have floating coffee tables, the latter have workboat finishes. The former spend most of their time sanding, the latter spend most of their time on the water. The former generally feel proud of their boats and wish that they were better paddlers/sailors/etc., the latter usually are proud of their water skills and wish that their boats were smoother and shinier. Either way, they both enjoy their boats, just in different ways.

Having built boats both ways, I must say that there's no real difference once you're out on the water.

But if you're still not convinced that there's nothing wrong with a workboat finish, try and get an apology out of these guys for their paint job and see how far you get.


Example of workboat finish

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