Posted by Brad Shook on Oct 12, 2006


If you know you're only going to build one kayak (doubt it when you're done...but you could try to convince us), and are 120% sure of that, then buy a 1-1/2 gallon kit and make fillets 1" wide and no more than 1/4" deep, with small endpours a la Lee G, and use 2" tape instead of 3". Bring the sheer-clamps all the way to the bow with bevel-cut and use a 4oz. endpour instead of the typical 6-8 oz. they recommend in the manual. You don't need a rudder so make the stern endpour the same way. Also, only put a bond coat and one fill coat on the interior glass in the cockpit; leave it rough with the weave showing. Squeegee everything 15 minutes after you apply epoxy with a small 4" weenie roller (the ones with the rounded ends). If you are careful, you can build a kayak without too much waste. And...most of the time you can mix in yogurt cups so you don't mix too much at one time. And...mix by volume, not by pumps. Pumps dispense too much epoxy for small jobs (i.e., glassing the coaming). Then, after you're done, order more epoxy for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th kayaks you need to build because the first one turned into something akin to a drug-induced addiction.

Happy Building, Brad

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