Sea Island Sport

Posted by George K on Oct 13, 2006

I'm getting ready to join the deck and hull on a BETA version of the new SOT and just wanted to let everyone who's interested in getting one know this is one sweet build! This is the first boat I've ever built that you don't need a tape measure. Not only are all the holes drilled in every panel for stitching but 1/16" holes are also used for registration marks for bulkheads and hatches. Puzzle joints on all the panels make for perfect alignment and the forms you build it in hold the panels in shape making wiring a breeze. I had to admit to John I was a bit skeptical about having all the holes predrilled but I only had one in the whole boat that was a bit off. I'm a believer now! I had the hull complete (stitched, glued, cloth both sides, bulkheads and scupper in) in 20 hours. I also built the cockpit during that time. The deck took another 15 hours or so. I probably have another 15 to 20 hours left. I should mention I'm using fast hardener so the build goes a bit faster. Too fast sometimes! I'll get some pix posted this weekend.

George K