Re: Kayak Table Plans

Posted by tim on Oct 14, 2006

Great table. If it breaks down for storage and re-use, even better. I notice in your picture that you have a set of stands/slings in the background. Looks like the ones on the CLC site. Those are great. As a pre-lude to my build, I handcrafted, mortised and tennon joinery, a set as well. They are awesome all around. Any-who....I built my worktable using a 4x8 sheet of 5/8 chip board sawed in half with a 2' piece in the center to give me an 18'x2'work surface. I used my stands with a crossbrace in place and two 12' 2x4 to support it's length. On the ends, I used a 2x4 cut to length as support legs. The whole unit assembled using drywall screws. Made a fantastic work surface for gluing up all the panels, sheers, stitching.....And it breaks down nicely for storage, who knows, I just might find myself building another boat this winter.......By the by the stands were also made from 2x4s as well. Very inexpensive, yet effective and solid! Just another thought.

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