Storage question

Posted by Tom on Oct 15, 2006

Well, the season here is winding down, and it's time to start considering storage options for my Ches. 18. The local guru, who manages a shop up the road selling recreational and performance kayaks, recommends hanging kayaks on their sides with straps at the bulkheads. (Kind of like the Autoloader roof rack orientation.) He claims that this method is least likely to result in hull deformation. Most storage configurations I have seen, however are with the boat in an upright position, such as seen for the Harken boat hoist shown on this site. I trust my buddy in pretty much all things kayak, but he doesn't know wooden boats. Here's the question. What is the consensus among wooden kayak owners? Is it better to store a kayak upright or on its side? What works best for you? Thanks for any input.