Re: S&G

Posted by Alan Speakman on Oct 16, 2006

Hi Kim,

I think a good short answer to your question is that your build should be as level and plumb as you can make it without going crazy... Certainly it is worth some time to get it right, (which will in fact probably save you time in the long run), but you can't go nutty... As I understand it, there are four factors that affect an unencumbered boat's ability to hold a true course:

i.) Symmetry of the hull ii.) Wind iii.) Tide or current iv.) Placement of load within the hull

It really is surprising how much a well-designed boat will tolerate a little twist, jog, or quick spot. My first boat was off by 0.25" over 12'; my second, (a 16 footer) was off by considerably more than that. Both boats rowed fine... Still, the human eye is a remarkable thing, and anyone who really looks can see that something just ain't perfect.

When I built the MC 13, I followed the directions, and spent an evening playing with the stitching wires, winding sticks, lines, levels, tape measures, and plumb bobs. My MC isn't perfect, but the lines are pretty close to perfect, and she paddles like an absolute dream...

I'd say just give it your best shot, make it safe, "git 'er done", and get ready for the water.


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