Which kayak for husband?

Posted by Ratliff on Oct 16, 2006

My husband, Lyn, loves watersports, but as we're both in the Army, it's been difficult - always a reason not to. He's waxed poetic about building his own kayak on more than one occasion. Right now the Army has me in Germany and him in Fort Riley Kansas. He wants to get out on the lakes and go camping, etc, especially once I get there (next summer). I'm beginning to detect that he needs a hobby and I found your company on the net. The basic question is, what kind of kayak should I buy him? He says he wants to camp/tour the lakes and his home area Black River, MO. He also said a double sounds like a great idea. We have one dog now but plan on getting another after the next deployment (hopefully last). Being an independent soul, I kind of want my own kayak too. So are doubles too hard to paddle alone? (I'm thinking a seat for each dog) We're both athletic. Should I get him a single to start, and we can do a double together later? Of course, the hardest part is I want to surprise him so I don't want to ask. Which may seem silly but he really loves surprises-I can't think of a better one than a kayak kit on your doorstep after work! Thanks in advance, everybody. ~Kyle