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Posted by Tim on Oct 16, 2006

obviously I am bored on this loverly, NOT, early fall day here in Minne-SNOW-ta! I having owned many other boats, plastic, fiberglass. For those I have either simply stored them covered on racks, similar to sawhorses, upside down and covered or for the yaks, straps attached to wall studs in garage allowing them to lay on the sides of the hull. Have never noticed any distortion. For my WR18 I plan to use the "Halbert System" for over-wintering my preciouse beauty. The sawhorse/ sling combos I made for the build. Upside down? Rightside up? On the sides? Any thoughts? I also got these way kewl, neato Malone "cradles" that I just bought from CLC. Maybe those could be attached to the wall for over-winter storage,,,,,,

Peace out..........

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