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Posted by Sherry on Oct 17, 2006

My husband and I bought the Chesapeake Triple - sounds like you are interested in the same type of kayaking we are (lakes/rivers, camping gear, etc.). We don't have a dog - we got the Triple for the gear-hauling capabilities (we like to do many many miles on rivers with an overnight). It is a monster boat - 21' long - so you need a garage or outbuilding at least that big in which to put it together. We paddled a demo Triple that CLC built, and it is smooth, stable, and just a joy to paddle. We have been working on our boat for several months in our spare time; we put no set "Due Date" on it, just to keep the building process fun. The good part about building any of the multi-cockpit variants is that once the boat is built, you can both try her out together. If you buy a single cockpit kit, you've gotta share and can't enjoy that first trip together. The only bad part about a Triple in particular is that there is pretty much no way to go solo unless you turn it into a sail boat (note that it does have a rudder, but you'd still be all over the place - no fun). After we finish the Triple (we're about a week from christening her), we are thinking about buying a couple single kits (undecided on type - but CLC of course!) for those days when we feel like a quick trip - or for when the stream is just to narrow or winding for the 21' "Queen Mary." The folks at CLC have been fantastic during the building process - answering all our questions, quickly responding to e-mails and general cries for help - as have the other CLCers on this Builder's Forum. I highly recommend a CLC kit - whichever you decide to purchase.

[You have our deepest gratitude for your service to our country - thank you both.]

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