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Posted by John Beck on Oct 17, 2006

Having individual kayaks is the way to go. My wife and I paddle together in our own Chesapeake 16s at her pace and I paddle longer routes with my pals, and by myself frequently. If all I had was a double then the number of paddling opportunities would be greatly reduced.

Paddling a double kayak alone is no fun. If you want to get him a kayak then a Chesapeake is good all around that's well behaved for novice to more advanced paddlers. I love mine.

The Sassafras 16 will hold 2 paddlers, dog and gear and can be paddled solo. I've done so at Okoume fest. You essentially paddle the boat backwards by orienting the boat with the front seat in the back to center your weight more in the middle. It tracked fine with cross wind, without feeling heavy or underpowered with only one paddler.

I can't comment on the millcreek since I've never paddled one.

Great gift idea.


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