Re: Primer

Posted by John Pollard on Oct 18, 2006

Professor Harris,

In re: "I get a lot of calls about primers for varnish; there are none."

In the context of a primer that would go over epoxy before varnish, I'm sure you're right. Wouldn't that be nice, though? Something like a "high build" clear coat? Imagine the time saved in sanding...

But I might also mention at least one option for priming bare wood before varnishing: Interlux Interprime Wood Sealer. In my limitted experience, it does a nice job of waterproofing/sealing up the wood and seems to provide better adhesion for the varnish. It's very forgiving to apply, too. I imagine other manufacturers have their own versions...

In Response to: Primer by CLC on Oct 17, 2006