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Posted by John Beck on Oct 18, 2006

John, Several years ago I read a good Woodenboat evaluation of Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss new varnish that doesn't need sanding between coats, if recoated within 72 hours. It cost a little more, but if it can cut down the number of sandings, then I'm willing to pay. But, there's no free lunch, since eliminating sanding may result in a less perfect finish you need to consider what level you can live with. Any imperfection in the first coat will be there if recoated before sanding, so be careful in laying down each coat. You need to have good lighting because its hard to see what your doing when varnishing over a non-dulled surface. I typically sand after every other coat as a compromise. Sanding a kayak's flat surfaces is a picnic compared to the 6 hour sanding job of the inside of a Penobscot 14' lapstrake job where the owner wanted the entire inside of the boat's hull, seats, bulkheads, etc. finished bright! Praise God for Epifanes wood finish gloss.

Wood Finish Gloss: High build, hard varnish like finish without sanding between coats. High gloss beauty with outstanding U.V. protection for Teak and other oily hardwoods.

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