Monster Boat/Toy Car

Posted by Sherry on Oct 20, 2006

Well, we put "the Queen Mary" (aka our Chesapeake Triple) on top of our Pontiac Vibe last night, just to see how it would work. To spite the fact that it hangs about 90" off both ends of the car - sure to bring lots of staring and pointing along the byways of New Jersey - it seems to work. We've gotten all the major construction done to make her sea-worthy - still have to do rigging, hatches, and finish. We're hoping to do "sea trials" very soon, simply because we're dying to get her in the water. Just had to share - I'm very excited that we're finally this far! Will try to post photos once we get her out and about - hopefully I'll have better luck than George with the photos (I may need his advise!).