Re: Cab-o-sil & resins

Posted by Jim E on Oct 20, 2006

Mike, Some thoughts

If the hole you are filling is deep enough, you might want to put some glass in there along with the resin.

Polyester resin is not a very good gap-filler. It's runny and not very strong on it's own. Filling it might work though. You could also use epoxy, which sticks to polyester just fine (better than polyester does).

Presumably this boat is too big to tip on it's side, kayak style. One way to get smooth results on vertical panels is to tape over the fresh goo with packaging tape. It might still bulge a bit, but you can sand the bump off later. If it's flat or a simple curve, you can lay some plastic laminate over it and tape that down. Put some wax or release agent on it!

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