Posted by Jim L on Oct 20, 2006

I'm a ways from concerning myself with the final finish on my Shearwater 17 Hybrid, but I am in the process of applying the fiberglass to the hull (thanks to Dave Houser for counseling me on the sequence of applying the three layers of glass). I am leaning toward applying the graphite/epoxy to the bottom ... mostly for ease of effecting touch-up repairs. The boat will likely be paddled in places where it will be dragged over rocky, shallow areas. Am I on the right track here? If so, I have two questions. First, when do I begin applying the graphite/epoxy? I would think it would be during the "weave-filling" process on the bottom. Second question is, where do I get the graphite? If CLC has it, I can't find it. Can't find it on Jamestown site either.

Thanks, Jim