Re: Graphite/epoxy

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 21, 2006


I put it on after the weave was filled, in lieu of the varnish or paint, and it works fine that way. 3 layers of epoxy, graphite and cabosil. I didn't even try to sand it, so it's a very deep dark glossy black. I used the side panel stitch holes as my masking line, so the entire bottom of the boat and a bit of the side are covered. No stitch holes visible anywhere on the boat now except at the bow and stern.

The main thing to watch for is lumps of powder. It's like mixing cocoa - add the poweder to the liquid and it's a lumpy mess. Bext technique I've found is to use slow hardener, completely mix the epoxy and hardener, then start pouring it a littla at a time into a container of the graphite/cabosil mix, stirring all the time. Seriously, practice your mixing technique with cocoa powder & milk.

Cocoa for bottom coating, peanut butter for fillets, mayonnaise for glue and pastry bags & spatulas for applicators (not to mention the ubiquitous wood flour). Are we cooking these boats or what?

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