Re: Graphite/epoxy

Posted by Jim L on Oct 21, 2006

Lee, Yes, the hull has three layers of 4 oz glass. I agree that this is where the strength is; not in the graphite/epoxy. I also agree that the graphite will offer little protection when dragging the boat across rough areas, especially when lifting the bow. The situation I am trying to mitigate is a little different than that.

I'm building this Shearwater for my neice (14 yrs old; athletic, good paddler)who lives in Connecticut; 1200 miles from my residence in Florida. I know the boat will be paddled in areas where there are rocky sections (like golf-ball sized smooth river rock, not jagged)that are barely covered with water. I know this because I have been there, paddeling a rented plastic boat. From a distance, the water looks deep enough ... right up until you run aground on the rocks. What you do then is repetitive pelvic thrusts, each thrust gaining about 4 inches distance, until you get to deeper water. Sometimes this doesn't work and you have to get out and pull the boat along with the bow line, likely adding scuff marks from the rocks closest to the surface.

When I was building Chesapeaks for myself and my wife, I thought about how I would probably not take them there and risk scuffing up the Brightside paint jobs I labored over so long; too hard to repair. If they had the graphite/epoxy on the bottom, however, I would be much less concerned. I'm thinking I could show her how to sand the scuffs some, mix up a batch of graphite/epoxy, and roller it on. The truth is that she will probably not care as much about it as I would, but just in case she does ....


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