Re: which row boat?

Posted by Charlie on Oct 27, 2006

All out hull speed is a function of waterline length. The calculation is; the square root of the waterline length times 1.34. A 20 ft. Oxford with a 22in. beam will naturally be faster than an MC at 16.5 x 29. Stability? The Oxford is only 22 in. wide and you sit on it not in it. If you want stability you don't want a rowing shell. In fact, when you install a sliding seat set up in any minimal depth hull you are raising the center of gravity bit. It will be a bit less stabile than when the boater sits on the bottom. Dry ride? The picture of the Oxford says it all. 80% of the rower's body is exposed. Estimations of "seaworthyness" depend on who is making the judgement. In practical terms only you can say when you put out and when you stay ashore.

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