Derik, attempting photos!

Posted by George K on Oct 27, 2006

Okay, you guys know how good I am at this (posting pics). Hopefully it works.

Steps are: 1) Cover entire deck with posterboard and draw the design. 2) Cut out the entire design and place on deck. Tape it down with masking tape so it won't move. 3) Number every piece in order down the deck so you don't get 'em mixed up after you cut a few out. Don't cut too many at a time, either. 4)Cover the entire FRONT surface of the veneer with masking tape. Place the piece you want to trim upside down on the BACK side of the veneer. Trace and cut out. 5) Glue down the piece, masking tape up and still on. I used white glue as any excess I didn't get wiped up with a damp cloth dried clear. 6) After the glue has dried, carefully peal off the tape. 7) Sand the entire onlay with 220 and carefully feather in all the edges. 8) Put on cloth and glass and use a roller to build up successive layers of epoxy, sanding between each coat, until the deck is level around the onlay. 9) Varnish. 10) Take boat to favorite spot and enjoy it. Hope this helps.

George K

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