Re: dimply varnish

Posted by John Beck on Nov 1, 2006

Dave, A few other possibilities to consider: 1. do you varnish right out of the can or pour off what you need, as you need it, and seal up the can ASAP? I usually like to use a new can for final coats (I pay more for pint cans, but have fresher varnish on hand). For any used can I always use a medium paint filter to get rid of any contaminants. 2. What brush? I've tried to be a purist by using a nice expensive brush, but it is VERY difficult, and solvent intensive to clean it. After cleaning in multiple pots of solvent and spinning, and combing you think it's clean, but junk always comes out with the effect you describe. Use the throw away foam brushes (the good ones with the wooden dowel for handle) and use your brushes for window and door trim.

The choice is yours on whether you want a 5 foot finish or a 20 foot finish, but if you want a near perfect finish you'll have to sand down to base, as others have suggested. Good luck, John

In Response to: dimply varnish by Dave R on Nov 1, 2006