Re: Agree

Posted by Kim on Nov 3, 2006

I think some of you guys should lighten up a bit. I do see the point that the skull & crossbones is a sign of poison. Maybe a less gruesome Jolly Roger. I thought long and hard on doing Mr Yuk but decided not to. It was the hardest decision in my life. I am in the process of rounding up proper tools to do the job. Such as a real wood burner instead of my soldering iron. Maybe a dremel to engrave the design before I burn. Luan is cheap, so I can get plenty of practice. If I screw up, good place for an onlay. Thx for the encouragement. Some of you may like to hear...The skull I used is free clip art. I think I will burn a compass rose, but not the one shown. That would be piracy. There are plenty of free ideas out there.

In Response to: Agree by Camper on Nov 2, 2006