Re: fastest kayak?

Posted by Camper on Nov 3, 2006

Well, darn it. I guess I'll have to find the post about the boat that showed this surprising result when scientifically tested.

Strange as it is for those of us who were taught their whole lives that hull speed was the equivalent of the speed of light, it does make sense, once you think about it.

As you point out, friction power is only increasing with the cube of speed. Wave-making power is increasing much faster than the cube of speed, as you approach hull speed.

So it is logical that as you pass hull speed, wave-making power must DECREASE much faster than friction speed is increasing, as the bow wave and stern wave separate just as quickly as they had came together. Till we encountered the racing kayak, none of us had ever seen a boat that made such small waves that it could pass hull speed without planing.

But until I can prove it, I will "lighten up", as the kids say :-)

See, I grew up in a tough neighborhood intellectually, where endless brawls over science, politics, and religion were considered good manners, and I am having trouble adapting to civilized society...

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