Re: fastest kayak?

Posted by Charlie on Nov 7, 2006

You sort of lose me at number two. My limited studies suggest that most displacement hulls will not plane with ordinary amounts of power. They usually start to climb their bow waves and stall in that position. I am under the impression that this is so because they do not have sufficient hull area to plane and/or they do not have a flat enough hull surface to plane. My views are based on discussions of displacement and planing dinghies which may not ascribe to the same rules as an ultralite paddleboat. In any event, the folks who are sprint paddlers are probably doing their weight training right now and are not among those that hang around this site. For our purposes the search for the "fastest kayak" means "what kind of hull will make me go faster without a steady diet of weight training, dieting and paddles on frosty mornings". And, for most of us, if it involves a hull that's so narrow it has to be balanced like a bicycle there's no use even discussing it.

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