Re: Winter Projects?

Posted by Karl on Nov 9, 2006

I'm building two Squeedunk Cormorants, hybrid style. The plan was to teach my 17 year old daughter some woodworking basics becuase she has an interest in that sort of thing, and at the same time build one of them for my other daughter in college. Panel cutting and scarfing for the hulls should start this weekend, barring emergencies, honey dos, and general procrastination. I got a great deal on a fair quantity of 'glass through a private sale (worked out to about $1.90 a yard, shipped) and I have a 3 gallon kit of epoxy waiting.

The deck stripping patterns have yet to be determined, but I'm planning on using white pine, red cedar and some figured mahogany for the main portions, with walnut for accent strips. I'll probably use a simple 16" radius for the foredeck and a 30" radius on the aft deck to keep the overall height down behind the paddler.

As always, will post pics/progress periodically.

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