too much perfection?

Posted by Ed NY on Nov 11, 2006

Hello builders,

I am impressed by the care and thought and extra effort you guys put into the build. I do like the idea of slightly rounding or feathering the pannel edges before wiring, tabbing the inside and then pulling the wires, and removing the bulk of the deck overhang.

However, lest any new commers get scared, you can really sort of slap the thing together according to the basic instructions, do a rough sanding after the epoyy, slap on a coat or 3 of varnish with a quick hand sand (sandpaper over a rubber sanding pad) before the final coat and get a great looking boat that floats and paddles as good as the best of them. After one day on the water I had enough scratches in the hull and dirt on the deck that you couldn't tell how good the origional finish was.

You will hear about the three foot rule. (if you cant see it from 3 feet away it dosen't count). I probably use about an 8 foot rule, figure having fun takes precedent over protecting the finish and the scratches give me something to do every other winter so I don't break the bank building another boat.

happy paddling.

In Response to: Re: Tips on Building a Ka by Alex on Nov 8, 2006