Re: What kind of plywood?

Posted by Charlie on Nov 14, 2006

Sander, Brunzeel is the "creme de la creme" of marine plywood. But it will cost a lot of Euros. Calm your environmental fears. The okuome or occome or whatever is "plantation grown" so that the supply of wood is sustainable. 4mm okuome is 12lb a sheet. How heavy is a similar sheet of birch? Okuome is a tropical hardwood. That means it does not have the growth rings you find on temperate zone woods. Being more homogenous it is more stable. That also means it is extremely easy to finish. Brunzeel and similar marine plywoods are made to a standard that is not seen in most other plys. The verneers must be of a specific type of wood, a specific thickness and of a very high quality. The inner verneer can't have any gaps totaling more than � mm in 8 feet. Glues must be waterproof. Since S&G construction is a form of monocoque what the boat skin is made from means a lot. If you have never done an S&G boat before your first boat will, most likely, come out on the heavy side. By using the lightest plywood you can offset that problem a little bit.

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