Re: What kind of plywood?

Posted by Laszlo on Nov 15, 2006

Another thing to consider is that okoume is very flexible compared to most other woods, so putting on the front deck will be easier with okoume.

Plywood manufactured according to BS-1088 also has square edges and corners. That is, when you put two sheets together at the edges, they match up so well that it's impossible to slip a piece of paper between them. This makes laying out large panels from scratch much easier and much more accurate.

BS-1088 plywood is also very smooth. As delivered it's ready for #220 sanding and varnish. A workboat finish needs no sanding, paint can be applied to the wood as shipped. Exterior plywoods, even grade A, usually need filling and sanding to be smooth enough to paint. Since the fillers are epoxy-based, they are expensive, heavy and derived from petroleum. The net environmental cost of exterior grade wood may be much higher than that of using okoume, especially if the sanding dust is not contained and power sanders are used.


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