Re: What kind of plywood?

Posted by Mic on Nov 15, 2006

Hi Sander . . . Sweden here.

I built a WR180 some years ago 'n I used meranti plywood for the hull . . halfway thru I changed to Bruynzeel 'cause I couldn't bend the meranti sheets to make a nice deckradius. If I would build again I'd use Bruynzeel . . no question about it, the difference in quality were amazing (the price were pretty "amazing" too). I bought it att Billingstad Trelast, but they don't have Bruynzeel (4 'n 6 mm) anymore . .

But if I'd build of some other type of plywood I'd make sure that all sheets in the board is equally thick (4 mm board having three sheets of 1.3 mm glued together).

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