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Posted by Alan Speakman on Nov 15, 2006

Hi Antal,

I understand precisely what you are talking about, and have experienced this before myself, though to a lesser degree. To make matters worse, the thickness of the epoxy will add a tiny bit more thickness... But to answer your question, the CLC link below clearly shows that the two halves of the joint overlap completely. Some more thoughts:

* Check and recheck the joint for fairness and the work surface for flatness... 3/8" (before the two joint surfaces start to "ride up on each other" and swell the joint thickness) is a lot.

* When I built my kayak, I used fairing compound. But then again, I painted the hull.

* Remember that the hull will have a coating of glass on it as well as at least three coats of epoxy. That tends to even things.

* I doubt that in the history of humankind there has ever been a boat without a quick spot on it.

* Welcome to the wonderful world of sanding.

Best of luck,


CLC's scarf joint

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