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Posted by George K on Nov 16, 2006


Building from a kit you will have a gap. When CLC cuts the scarf they don't make it a feathered edge as it is more likely to break in transit. Thousands of us have built kits with their joint and there is plenty of area left for glueing and the joint is plenty strong. As far as asthetics, the gaps fill in with epoxy and aren't at all an eyesore on a bright finish. If you are a perfectionist and can't live with a bit of gap then I would suggest a good, sharp low angle block plane to feather the scarfs, stacking at least four panels staggered on each other to keep the right angle. Do not try to sand them into what you're looking for as it's too hard to keep the scarfs even and uniform. My suggestion is to go with the factory scarfs, get it in the water and spend hours telling all the admirers about how you built it. None of them is going to mention the gaps at the scarfs.

Enjoy the build.

George K

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