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Posted by Mac on Nov 19, 2006

Wow Laz!

And I was IMPRESSED by the photos!

Imagine how excited I'll be to get my kit and actually build one! See, us ferriners don't get a chance to see one real easily - so I bought one on faith (John Harris was keen on it and he's been around a few boats in his time, so good enough for me.)

I was further really encouraged by George Krewson's reviews as he built his.

Then ol' Lazlo near gives me a heart attack in two paragraphs.

Boy, am I glad the last three read like they did!


And thank's for the first-hand feedback. As you said there may be folks who didn't see the photos in the best light.


Mac from Montreal

In Response to: Met the Sea Island Sport by Laszlo on Nov 19, 2006