Re: Happy Bottom Seat - f

Posted by LeeG on Nov 19, 2006

The HB seat is molded flat, the bottom of your kayak isn't. With the "wings" cut off it'll fit between the hip braces, whether that fits you is another question. My recollection is that the v of the Shearwater/Merganser is tighter than the Chesapeake and it presses the sides of the HB seat together too much for an average sized butt.

$.02 suggestion is to get a 3" block of minicell, cut it down so that two parallelogram cut pieces can be re-glued together to fit the angle of the keel with cut-outs to fit the hip plates. That will give you a 3" thick blank to carve down.

In Response to: Happy Bottom Seat - fit by Andrew Sommer on Nov 19, 2006