Re: Mill Creek or Sea Isl

Posted by LeRoy on Nov 19, 2006


If you live within driving distance of CLC, I highly recommend you stop by and test both kayaks during one of their demo days before you make a decision.

While I was evaluating the Chester Yawl for use as a fly fishing boat, I was told that the SIS was aimed directly at the Florida fishing crowd. If you are happy sitting while fly fishing I would seriously consider the SIS because of its light weight and beautiful design, but only after you confirm it has the necessary stability to be used for fly fishing. I also watched and talked to a happy paddler testing one of the smaller MCs and it definitely had good stability, so I would recommend the MC 16.5 without hesitation.

Now if you want a light weight, small craft, designed specifically for fly fishing � while standing! � and don�t mind building from scratch, I saw a canoe featured in WoodenBoat magazine (issue 180) called the Lutra Flyfisher. It�s obviously designed by someone who knows the difference between a double haul and a double hull.

By the way, if you love rowing like I do (and don�t intend on standing), I would pick the Chester Yawl above them all!

Tight Lines, LeRoy

In Response to: Mill Creek or Sea Island? by phil on Nov 18, 2006