Re: Met the Sea Island Sp

Posted by Laszlo on Nov 20, 2006

Sorry Mac, didn't mean to give anyone a heart attack :-) I just wanted people to know what a great boat it is. I know of at least one other person out there who looked at the pictures and was disappointed, so I wanted to make sure that anyone else who was in that same situation really understood what an impact actually seeing the boat in person has.

John amd his gang are really very good photographers. The problem is not with the quality of photos they post. Those are very well composed, quite artistic. But there are just some objects (and people) that don't photograph well, through no fault of the photographer. The F-117A fighter, with all its odd angles comes to mind. The Space Shuttle, as well as pretty much any painting or sculpture (go to museums, kids, you'll be surprised how wonderful great art is if all you've done is look at pictures). So the Sea Island Sport is in good company.

I think this is why CLC spends so much time and money going on the road and giving demos. It's not just "seeing is believing", it's "seeing is experiencing".

So definitely a thumbs up for aesthetics on that little beauty. It was worth the wait while they got it right.


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