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Posted by Mac on Nov 20, 2006


Couldn't agree more, Lazlo! I spend a lot of time taking photographs and a lot of money on the very best gear (Pentax).

Some objects and people come out great every time using simple point and shoot cameras, others I still haven't managed to capture after rolls of film and a huge kit of expensive gear.

The SIS may well be in that catagory - must be seen to be believed. And, as you so well described, touched. I've gone on before on this forum about how much we touch our boats while we build and finish them.

This will be my fourth build, and I must say I'm more excited about this one than all the others combined. Maybe because of its uniqueness, maybe because I can take all the time necessary to make her as perfect as I can. - I've already got kayaks to paddle so there's no rush.

I'm not in any way speaking for him, but I sense this may be George Krewson's feeling as well - and he has created perfect boats already!

Like I said - Woohoo!

Mac from Montreal

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