Umm, perfect?

Posted by George K on Nov 20, 2006


Obviously you haven't seen my boats in person! I'm still striving for that "perfect" boat, and I must say the Sea Island is pretty dern close. I got the seat installed Saturday and put it in the water for the first time. Okay, so it was the swimming pool, and I didn't have the hatches installed, and I didn't have a paddle, but besides all that the thing is incredibly comfortable with the seat I found. Pretty stable, too. I'll have the internal bungies done Wednesday and will be out Friday (too many people coming over and too much turkey to be had on Thursday!)for the first sea trial.

As far as looks, I have to agree with Laszlo that pictures don't do this boat justice. The lines just flow from one surface to another and everybody who comes in the shop just has to touch it! I'll post pictures in the next few days. Although they still won't do it justice.

George K

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