Re: 17LT OR 18 LT

Posted by Larry Roberts on Nov 21, 2006

AHD. I have built both the 17 lt. and a full sized 18 CLC. I built both to give away so I don't have a lot of seat time in either but here is my two cents worth. CLC has a page that compares all the boats and I think the best choice is the regular 17 for your height and weight ( almost the same as me). If you only day trip the 17 lt should be ok. There is a fudge factor for freeboard that should still work. The 18 is a horse with a lot of load capacity< I built this for my son to camp from and he weights 250 lbs. Hope this helps. Its is great fun to build these works of art that take you anywhere you want to go.

In Response to: 17LT OR 18 LT by ADH on Nov 21, 2006