Shear Clamps

Posted by Chris Wiklof on Nov 22, 2006

Yes, the shear clamp is where the deck broke loose. If I were building a boat today, I'd reinforce the shear clamps where I can reach them. Since the cockpit is the area subject to the highest stresses, I'd probably run a fillet of thickened epoxy along the edge between the shear clamp and the deck. That should act as a strain relief reduce the stress concentration at that point.

I still haven't had any luck finding a repair shop. I suppose that is part of the allure of wooden boats - they are not widely available. Still, one would think that CLC might be prepared with some sort of list. I'm disappointed that the only answer I got from Tech Support was to post here. That's not very good customer support, IMO.

In Response to: Re: I understand :( by Mike Hanks on Nov 22, 2006