Re: West Cost Repair Shop

Posted by Chris in Seattle on Nov 23, 2006

I'm not sure how I seem. I just need a boat fixed.

My reason for looking for a commercial shop is based on how tricky the repair looks to me and the fact that my time is consumed by a home remodel. But if I strike out here, it might be easier to find somebody to finish siding my house and focus my time on fixing the boat. Hopefully somebody will step forward or know of someplace that can do this.

Some more info:

The deck needs to be cut off. The tricky part is probably saving the combing while separating it from the deck beam (if the combing can be saved). Probably everything else is just time with a drill, jigsaw, dremel tool, and belt sander. There's two small places on the hull that need reinforcing and filling. After that, it's pretty much like building a new boat except the hull is already faired.

Since I only paid for materials when I built the boat, I suspect you are right about the cost. But the hull has sentimental value so it's going to get fixed rather than replaced.

I've contemplated simply epoxying a plywood patch over the crack in the deck (preferably two symmetrical plywood patches, one on each side of the cockpit). That may be worth a try before jumping in head first. But that decision is part of what you pay a pro for.

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