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Posted by Laszlo on Nov 23, 2006


Post a picture and you'll get all sorts of free advice. Your thoughts on the epoxy bead are right on target, BTW.

Know what you mean about the house remodeling - my wife & I got sucked into that trap with a 150 year old farmhouse once. Took almost 7 years to get it done, then we ended up having to move out of state a year later.

Your suggestion about finding someone to finish your siding while you do the boat actually has merit. There's probably a lot more siders than profesional wooden kayak builders out there. And it might even work out cheaper since the labor supply is larger and the skill set is perceived to be less specialized.

As far as posting here, this forum has international coverage specialized in CLC kayaks. I doubt you'll find any other pool of people so closely related to the topic you're researching. It just may take a few days. After all, your original post was 2 days before a major holiday that runs til next week for most people. Many of the people with answers are probably busy. Give it til next week, at least.

Finally, CLC's support - it's for selecting and building boats. The fact that you had a boat to damage shows that it worked for you. A complete current list of repair shops throughout the nation with accurate contact info takes time and labor to compile and maintain. (Look at the trouble you're having with it.) Should everyone who buys anything from CLC have to pay extra to maintain that list which hardly ever gets used? It's a simple business case, not a character flaw.

I've included the link for John's Nautical Links List. There's various sections on boat repair, including boatyards and repair shops. No guarantees about the accuracy or currency of the listings, but it's another place to look.

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