foot braces

Posted by Jay on Nov 23, 2006

I am building a Chesapeake 16 from plans and it's by the numbers so far. In fact I couldn't be happier with the construction. although, i will admit that being a first time builder the fillets and especially the cockpit 'glass were pushing my patience at first. My question is about the footbraces. Because this kayak is being built as a gift (surprise) I really can't get an accurate fit on footbraces before getting the top on and I don't want to present an unfinished kayak. How easy/difficult is it to mount them afterwards and what are some tips or tricks. Or, since I want to install a rudder kit with the yakima braces can I just get it close. She's kind of short, with small feet, so I'm not sure if I can really 'ball park' it based on my meas. Just looking for reassurance that I can go ahead and put the top on and worry about the outfitting later. but any tips or tricks would be much appreciated! Happy turkey day! I'm off to 'glass the hull. C,1,Flood