Re: foot braces

Posted by Jim E on Nov 23, 2006


That's a very cool thing you are doing, building a secret present!

If you ballpark it, you could measure forward from where the backrest will be, and do a calculation based on your relative heights. Add a bit because women usually have proportionally longer legs than men. The footpeg adjustments should give you plenty of leeway. As for height, try to get an idea of how long her feet are relative to yours, while standing next to her.

If you do it later, and you do it the normal way with bolts through the hull sides, you could do it at the end (get her to help). Drill-fill-drill the bolt holes. It's slightly harder this way because your're working through the cockpit opening, but no big deal.

Happy turky day, and Good Luck!

In Response to: foot braces by Jay on Nov 23, 2006